Gervonta Davis Shoves Rolando Romero At Weigh-In

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Gervonta Davis and Rolando Romero came face to face at a weigh-in on Friday…and Davis pushed Romero off the stage.

Romero jumped back on the stage to try and get at Davis but he was held back.

“I just hit him, like, on the edge of the stage. I just pushed him, like, to get in his head. He talks too much,” Davis told reporters after the weigh-in. “I always want to feel my opponent out, and I know that he’s got punching power, so I’m definitely going to learn his power and what his best things are before I try to take him out,” he said.

Romero was mad about Davis putting hands on him: “Motherf-cker pushed me, as simple as that. He’s scared! He’s afraid, I’m a f-ckin’ alpha compared to him. He’s a b-tch for that. He could have f-cked up the fight, I could have twisted an ankle or some shit. But I got some crazy-ass reflexes.”

The fight takes place on Saturday night.

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