Georgia Man CONVINCES Cousin To Jump Off Bridge On FB Live … For LIKES!! (Is This M**der?)

Lyndon Abioye |

A Bainbridge Georgia man named Luther Johnson is no longer with us, after he was filmed on Facebook live jumping off a bridge into the Flint River on Tuesday evening, Media Take Out has learned.

And social media is claiming Luther’s cousin – who appeared to coax his cousin into jumping into the dangerous waters. According to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, the Flint river has dangerous currents, and there are alligators every one mile along the Flint River.

In a video, originally published by The North Carolina Beat, Luther and his cousin can vie seen walking along train tracks until they arrive at a bridge over the Flint River. The video then shows Luther taking off his shoes and shirt. He walks closer to the bridge and takes his coins and ID out of his pocket as his cousin tells him to “give me all the money, give me all that.”

“Come on Bainbridge,” the cousin tells his Facebook followers. “Y’all finna see some real stuff.”

The cousin then tells the city of Bainbridge to “buckle up,” in an apparent attempt to hold their attention on the social media platform – and possibly generate likes.

Ay one point in the video, Luther appear stopped be hesitant to jump. But his cousin could be heard telling him, “Nahh…nahh…Dive from the top of that bitch.”.

Luke is then seen jumping onto a ledge. He falls backward into the water and begins swimming down Flint River, and it’s immediately clear that Luther is not a good swimmer. Media Take Out watched as Luther tried swimming in one spot, before disappearing and never resurfacing.


There’s currently an outcry on social media, and some are asking that the cousin be charged in connection with the drowning.

Here’s the cousin’s explanation of what happened:

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