Gay Atlanta Inmate Launches an Onl**ans Page From His Jail Cell … Makes Millions w/ Inmates!

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A man currently incarcerated inside of the Atlanta prison system is reportedly making MILLIONS while he’s locked up, Media Take Out has learned.

The inmate launched an On***ns page – where he engages in gay activity with other inmates, and streams it to thousands of fans who pay $16 a month. And all the video are taken inside of his jail cell.

You really have to see it to believe it …. or maybe you DON’T want to see it.


In one of the videos, the inmate who goes by the name Tay, is seen inside of his jail cell with another inmate. The other inmate throws up multiple gang signs, and then the two men proceed to pull out a few backwoods, and start smoking what appears to be marijuana inside their cell.

Tay describes the man in the video as a member of the Bloods gang.

Then, after the two men finish their blunt – the two proceed to intimacy, in a rough jailhouse manner.

In another video, Tay is seen getting a haircut from another inmate – inside of his cell. In the middle of the haircut, Tay gets overcome by romantic feelings, and proceeds to perform an intimate act on the inmate barber.

So what do we know about the inmate, who goes by the name Tay?

Well Media Take Out did a bit of digging, and it turns out that Tay’s real name is Horace Dillard Jr.

It’s not clear what he’s in jail for now, but in 2021, Tay was charged with reckless driving after Georgia State Patrol troopers say he struck two vehicles and forced one stranded motorist to fall from an Interstate 85 overpass while he was racing another car along the busy highway.

Horace Maurice Dillard, Jr., was booked into the Fulton County jail and later released on bond.

According to the Georgia State Patrol, Horace was racing another car down I-85 when his car struck a Kia Optima, sending it spinning into the emergency lane.

Police say that during the wreck, Horace’s car hit a Chevrolet Cruz that had broken down and was in the right emergency lane. A woman, Leslie Camille Reese who was outside the car at the time waiting for a friend to pick her up, was launched from the overpass and fell 30 feet down on a lawn.

Leslie was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital with serious injuries. According to family members, it took many months before she was able to walk again.

According to public records, Horace spent 7 months in Atlanta’s county jail, before he was released last fall. It’s not clear what jail he’s currently in, or whether the videos are old – from when he was inside the Atlanta jail system.

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