Gary Owen’s Ex Slams Him For Not Seeing His Children In 3 Years!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

After comedian Gary Owen’s admission that he hasn’t seen his children in three years, his ex, Kenya Duke, hopped on social media to reveal the reason why.

“All kids want their parents to be happy. When you come to the internet and tell only half the story for sympathy…So what did you do??? How did y’all get here? If you wanted healing, you would have reached out to a family therapist, call, text, or sent this video directly to them,” she wrote.

Kenya captioned the post:

“You don’t seem to have any empathy for their feelings. You have done some foul things, but I still greet you with a smile. In conversation, I try to keep us focus and on track, so we don’t resort to blame and finger pointing. I remind them of your birthday and Father’s Day. I encourage them to give you a 2nd chance. I share info with you about them because I would hope that, if the tables were turned you’d do the same. And then you come to the internet with a video of the result but not the reason. I just don’t understand, how this helped anything. At this point, I don’t know what to believe or how to deal with you.”

Watch Gary Owen’s original comments below.

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