G Herbo Says He Was Told To Troll Funny Marco During viral Interview

Lyndon Abioye |

G Herbo and Southside were dragged for disrespecting Funny Marco during their interview with him, but Herb says they were told to.

“Marco first and foremost, that’s my man. We already had a relationship prior to doing the interview and sh-t. So originally [Southside] was supposed to did the interview, the episode, and they had his production staff told us to troll him,” Herb said on Drink Champs.

The rapper admits that they were both drunk and took things a little too far.

He continued, “It was supposed to be a surprise to come on to troll him. We wasn’t originally just on bullsh-t, we was a little off the sauce. We was a little extra overboard, but the whole thing was to come on there intimidate him on his show like pull a him on him.”

According to Herb, things are good between him and Marco and the viewers jumped to conclusions.

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