G Herbo Asks Fans To Stop Asking For Pics While He’s Out w/ His Family

Lyndon Abioye |

Chicago rapper G Herbo appreciates his fans but is asking them to stop asking to take a picture with him when he is out with his family.

“You know I show everybody love. I appreciate all the love I get from everybody. But it’s just something that bother me man and I really don’t even feel comfortable saying this but I gotta say it ’cause it happen over and over. If you see me out and I’m with my family, especially my kids, don’t ask me for no pictures man. I be going through the airport, I’m a real father. I be traveling alone.” he says via Instagram Story.

The rapper has three children, one with ex-girlfriend Ari Fletcher and two with his current girlfriend, Taina Williams. 

The rapper says he is not trying to come off “rude” or “an asshole,” but that he’s even been asked for pictures while he’s been holding his sleeping infant.

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