Future’s NEW Babys Mama Explains Being In A POLY Relationship w/ HIM!! (‘I Eat His Groceries’)

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An Atlanta woman named Krystal, who is rumored to be rapper Future’s latest babys mother, is telling the world about her “poly” relationship with the rapper.

According to Krystal, men like Future aren’t meant to be with just one woman. But she – on the other hand – is committed to being with the rapper.

Listen to her explanation of why her relationship with Future works so well.

But things aren’t always nice and cozy between Krystal and Future. A few weeks back, Krystal took to her social media and posted on her Instagram stories a series of messages about his “toxic” ways and how she is sick and tired of it.

“You can cuss Future out damn near slap that n#### and he will not trip, but go to the internet he gone come for your throat, he hates it!,” she wrote.

A few months ago, Krystal also explained some of the things that she does to Future, to keep him interested. And she told WAAAAY too much.

Th beautiful babys mama went on IG Live and explained how she routinely eats the rapper’s groceries.


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