Future Throws Water At Paparazzo

Lyndon Abioye |

Future is trending online this week after he threw water over a member of the paparazzi. According to reports, Future was out with his team when a photographer started filming him. The paparazzo was told by Future’s friend to stop filming, but he would not.

“No, he’s a celebrity,” the paparazzo says.

“Yea, but you can’t record him, though,” Future’s friend responds.

“Yea, that’s what I do. I do celebrities,” the paparazzo continued.

“Aye, man. You already did that earlier. If I get somebody to jump out of one of these cars and do something to you, you gon’ be thinking I’m wrong,” Future yelled while getting into his vehicle.

As Future’s vehicle drives passed, the rapper throws water at him.

“Yeah, thank you. I got the video better muthaf-cka. Go suck a d-ck, b-tch” he yells back.

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