Future Latest BM: He Stopped Paying Child Support After I Refused To Eat His GROCERIES

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Hip hop superstar, Future, most recent baby’s mother is claiming that the rapper suddenly stopped paying her child support, after she refused to eat his “groceries,” Media Take Out has learned.

Future grew up and lives in Atlanta – the city where men often require the woman in their lives to perform unorthodox acts – like eating groceries.

And “grocery eating” was an integral part of his relationship with his latest baby’s mother, who goes by the name Krazy K on Instagram.

She claims that she and Future had a healthy and loving relationship, throughout her pregnancy, and that Future was financially generous to her. The woman claims she’s invested the money Future provided, and is now in a healthy financial position.


But she says that recently their relationship turned toxic and she decided to leave. But Media Take Out learned that – according to Crazy K – Future got really upset when she no longer performed that taboo intimate act on him.

She claims that once she stopped eating the rapper’s hole … he cut off the child support.

Crazy K, who is Future’s reported 10th babys mama, now claims that she’s taking the rapper to court.

Here are some pictures of Krazy K.

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