Funny Marco Says He Felt “Uncomfortable” During Southside & G Herbo Interview

Lyndon Abioye |

Funny Marco hopped on social media to respond to viewers who were upset over his recent interview with G Herbo and producer Southside.

In the interview, the artists clowned Funny Marco for being ugly, removed his hat from his head and threw it, questioned how he managed to make such a cute child given his looks…asked hima bout his bad skin and more.

Fams felt Her and Southside took things too far.

“I understand a lot of y’all mad about the interview. I was upset while it was going on. But I understand I got a job to do & one thing about me, I respect people on my show. I didn’t want to match they Energy. It’s so many L’s I took on my Journey I wish I could show I don’t hide anything. So I feel it was only right to put the episode out myself. And just learn from that episode & move on. Thank who support me it’s a mindset thing,” he wrote.

Fans roasted Southside, claiming his behavior was fine until Herb showed up. They are calling him a “sheep” and a “follower”.

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