Funk Flex Accuses Pete Rock Of Snitching On C.L. Smooth!!

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Funk Flex made some wild allegations about Pete Rock on Thursday, claiming he once snitched on C.L. Smooth.

“C.L. Smooth is the reason you even exist,” Flex said directly to Rock.

“Those producers always gave the best material to they groups. You, bozo, gave it out as remixes to be spiteful. What happened now in 2022? Guess who’s broke? You wanna sue the people who helped you like Nas and Eddie F. This guy also went to the precinct on C.L. Smooth. His partner that he’s known for 30 years went to the precinct, filled out a report, went on record,” he said.

Flex said he did not want to do this because he’s a fan of Pete Rock but that the producer hurt his feelings.

“The police came to arrest C.L. Due to a technicality, they could’ n’t arrest him. He did this in the U.K. He did not care if he was put in a jail overseas where the rules are totally different from New York. He went to the precinct, filled out a report and cooperated. What type of guy is that? And you talk to me about the game and integrity? You have none. You have zero. Don’t you ever, you hear me, bozo?”

Pete Rock responded:

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