Fulton County DA Says Many Arrested On YSL Indictment Are Facing Life In Prison

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Fulton County District Attorney Fani T. Willis spoke about the 56-count indictment charging members of YSL, including Young Thug and Gunna.

In a press conference, she said many of those arrested will spend life in prison.

“We’ll ask on the different charges for the maximum penalties, and there’s obviously many people that are looking at life under this indictment. You’re absolutely right. These are serious crimes, they’re serious allegations, and it is my opinion that violence in our community deserves maximum penalties,” she said.

The DA addressed reports that the rapper’s lyrics may be used against them as evidence.

“It’s one of our most precious rights. However, the First Amendment not protect people from prosecutors using it as evidence if it is such,” she said.

A reporter asked whether YFN Lucci would be safe in jail after it was reported that Thugger gave the green light for YSL members to kill him in jail.

“I believe that he is well prepared but you’d have to speak with him to make sure that everyone that’s in his facility is safe,” Willis said.

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