Friends Of Takeoff’s Alleged Killer Says He’s Being Set Up!!

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Friends of Takeoff’s alleged killer, Patrick Xavier Clark, say the promoter has been set up and that there’s no way he killed the rapper.

Speaking to Daily Beats, Houston rapper Jmali claimed Clark said his friend is not a violent person. “You could see by the reactions of everyone that we’re shocked because that’s not the type of person [Clark] is,” Jmali told The Daily Beast. “He was about business, not violence.”

A second friend added, “I know him. He’s not like that. I honestly feel like they got the wrong guy. He doesn’t get mad or hostile. He’s very nice and thoughtful. That’s all I have to say. I feel he is being framed.”

In court documents obtained by Media Take Out, police are charging Clark with “felony murder,” and not murder. Felony murder occurs when a person is killed during the commission of a crime.

Clark’s attorney claims his client is innocent.

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