Friend: Beyonce’s Mom DUMPED By Husband: ’Tina Supported Daughter’s Career … NOT Husbands’!!

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Media Take Out was the first news source in the world to tell you about Tina Knowles and husband Richard Lawson’s impending divorce – now we have the tea on WHY he left her.

Yes, you read that right – Richard left Tina, not the other way around, as is being reported elsewhere.

A person close to the couple explained to Media Take Out, Richard’s frustration with his wife Tina. According to the insider, Tina would go out of her way to help her daughter Beyonce’s career – but in doing so she neglected her husband’s.

Richard directed a new movie called Black Terror, that is one of the greatest achievements of his professional career. The movie was released in Sundance, and it’s getting rave reviews.

It took years of hard work to get the project off the ground. And to her credit, Tina is listed as an executive producer of the film.

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But the launch of Richard’s new movie conflicted with Tina’s daughter Beyonce’s current Renaissance world tour. And Beyonce’s mom had to decided WHICH project to put her fame and celebrity behind.

And, at least according to the friend we spoke to, Tina chose to support Beyonce.

The friend explained, “Do you know how hard it is for a Black film, directed by a Black director, to succeed. Tina, Beyonce, Jay Z, everyone should have come out to help make the film pop.”

Instead, the friend claims, Tina chose to focus her efforts, and her celebrity, on Beyonce’s already sold out tour.

Media Take Out confirmed that Richard has been flying all across the globe promoting Black Terror, while Tina is sitting front row at Beyonce concerts – singing along.

“That was the straw that broke the camels back,” the friend added. “Richard has supported everything that Tina has ever done. He really needs her now, and she chose to do the electric slide at her daughter’s concert instead.”

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