Fresh & Fit Podcast Gets Demonetized … For Misogyny … May SHUT DOWN!

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The Fresh & Fit Podcast – one of the most popular podcast on Youtube – is on the verge of being SHUT DOWN. Media Take Out learned that as of yesterday, the podcast is being BLOCKED from receiving any ad money from Youtube.

And the social media platform did more, Youtube also blocked the podcasters from receiving any money from super chats from their followers also.

So that means that the duo will make ZERO dollars from their podcast going forward.

The hosts broke the news on their podcast yesterday, and warned fans that they plan on shutting things down shortly.

Their podcast has become a subject of controversy in the past due to comments made by Weekes and Gaines — most notably during their viral conversation with Instagram model Brittany Renner earlier this year, where they made alleged misogynistic comments towards her.

Earlier this year, the podcast was demonetized for 7 days by YouTube, and were warned that if they continued to make controversial content, they would be banned.

At the time, the hosts of the Fresh & Fit podcast say they were victims of a “targeted attack” and “mass reporting” after receiving a week-long ban from YouTube over ‘hate speech.’

Their latest ban – we’re told – is permanent.

Listen to the hosts explain why they got banned

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