Freddie Gibbs Says DJ Paul Helped Him While Recording Album

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Freddie Gibbs says he wasn’t in a good space mentally while recording $oul $old $eparately but that DJ Paul helped him.

“When I was recording the album, I was in a real dark place. I was going through a lot of stuff, getting in fights, I had street stuff going on, homies getting killed; legal stuff, you know? And I was putting all of that into the record. And then when DJ Paul came in there, he really cheered me up. He really lifted my spirits to help me finish the album in the correct fashion,” he said on The Breakfast Club.

“That was a crazy studio session, I love DJ Paul. That session really brightened everything up. He came in and he was just happy, the song was fun, and it was just like, ‘Damn.'”

$oul $old $eparately was released last week and sold just 6,800 equivalent units during it’s first week.

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