Freddie Gibbs Not Interested In Squashing Benny The Butcher Beef!!

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Freddie Gibbs is in no hurry to squash his beef with New York rapper Benny The Butcher.

Last year, the pair went back and forth on Twitter and Benny’s crew even jumped Gibbs and snatched his chain in Buffalo.

Speaking to XXL, Gibbs made his feelings about a possible reconciliation clear.

“Probably not. Just because I feel like I’m not on the level of that ghetto rap beef sh-t. I don’t care enough to solve a beef with a rapper. I don’t care enough. I don’t care about rappers enough. I don’t care about the rap game and what they think about me. I’ll let them care about that,” he said.

He continued: “I’m so far removed from that bullshit in the streets. I’m about to be an esteemed actor and a mogul. I couldn’t care less about any of that stupid shit. To me, those guys are like comedy. I make jokes of these guys like that. And that’s why guys like that want to fight because they a joke to me. I don’t even take guys like that serious. So, I don’t care to squash no beef with nobody. You could hate me forever, and that’s fine with me because you insignificant. In general, with anybody. I mean that for any rapper.”

Benny The Butcher has not responded.

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