Freddie Gibbs Blasted By Baby Mama After Calling Her Out On His Album

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Freddie Gibbs’ baby mama is calling him out after he put her on blast on social media.

“Raven was a rat, she scratched the Benzy and I dropped the charges / That ho know she’d never had my heart, so she attacked my pockets,” Gibbs rapped on “Grandma’s Stove.”

Raven Tatum, his baby mama then responded on social media, “I’m really tired of buddy spinning the story like i tore up the car over a woman. no, i tore up that car cuz he manipulated me into moving to los angeles, taking him off child support, got me fu-king fired, and locked me and his son in a house with no groceries. that’s the truth,” she wrote.

Raven called Gibbs a “deadbeat” and said he lied about his income so that he could pay the minimum amount of child support.

“[I’m] over here chilling raising our son and i wake up to my govt name being called out on your album. [U] got a new BM and a new gf. talk about them hoes. leave me out of it. please.”

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