Former Roc-A-Fella Rapper Oschino SLAMS Jay-Z For Turning His Back On Beanie Sigel!!

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Former Roc-A-Fella rapper Oschino slammed Jay-Z for hot helping Beanie Sigel in his attempted murder case.

A jury cleared Beanie of shooting Terrance Speller repeatedly outside a strip club in July 2003. A jury deadlocked on the charges in April 2004 and the acquittal happened the following year.

“I came to court for Beanie when he allegedly shot somebody. JAY-Z got on the stand and they said, ‘Are you gonna be responsible for him if we let him go?’ JAY-Z said, ‘No.’ I was there. This ain’t hearsay; this was me in the courtroom,” Oschino told Say Cheese.

He continued: “I was just thinking, ‘What did he come to court for then?’ If I got a homie and all I gotta say is, ‘I’m responsible for him for him to get out,’ I’m saying it every time.”

Dame Dash also showed up in the courtroom to support Sigel.

“The judge was trying to give him an out. He said, ‘No.’ And nobody didn’t say nothing, nobody flinched. Mind you, I’m a jail n-gga so I’m looking around like, ‘Nobody not saying nothing?!’ Like it was normal,” Oschino added of Jay-Z.

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