Former NFL Linebacker Darron Lee Arrested For Punching Mother In The Face!!

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Former Ohio State University football player Darron Lee was arrested and charged with domestic violence related to two separate incidents.

Lee, 28, is facing two counts each of misdemeanor domestic violence and misdemeanor assault. One of the incidents took place on Oct. 17 and the second on Monday.

His bond was set at $20,000 in each case, and he was ordered to stay away from the two alleged victims if he posted that bond amount.

On Monday, police received a call from a female relative of Lee’s alleging he punched her repeatedly in the face. The woman was reported to be his mother. His baby mama also called in to report the incident. When the cops arrived, she told officers she did not feel safe around him.

His mother allegedly went to speak with him in an upstairs bedroom of the home to tell him to leave. Lee initially said she hit him first but recanted his statement.

“(The relative) was then thrown to the ground while Mr. Lee kept screaming at her. Mr. Lee then began to strike her head with his fists making contact with her face and back of her head,” court records said. “(The relative) stated that he struck her approximately 8-9 times in the head area with a closed fist.”

Police were also told about an incident that took place on Oct. 17, 2022, involving Lee and his baby mama. The couple had argued after his baby mama suspected he had cheated on her.

“(The woman) was laying on the bed and Darron got on top of her, with his knees making contact with her knees, and his left hand on her neck where it remained for approximately 60 seconds,” court records said. “During this time, (the woman) advised that Darron told her that he would kill her and their child.”
She also accused Lee of punching the pillow beside her head multiple times and squeezing her throat, throwing her phone and striking her in the side of the head. She also said Lee “grabbed (her) by the neck and lifted her up. He then swung (her) around and dropped her onto the ground,” court records said.

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