Former Male Escort Jonathan Oddi Claims He Slept With Diddy & Cassie

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A police interview of former male escort, Jonathan Oddi, is going viral after the man is seen making some shocking claims about Diddy.

In the video, Oddi claims that he had multiple s*xual encounters with Diddy and Cassie, even calling himself their s*x slave. According to Oddi, Diddy would tell Oddi what to do to Cassie while he m*sturbated himself…which readers say is in line with Cassie’s claims in her lawsuit.

According to Oddi, Diddy would film the sessions but Oddi says he has one of the tapes. This interrogation allegedly took place sometime between 2014 and 2017…years before Cassie’s lawsuit.

Oddi alleges Diddy is a part of the Boule, the Black part of the Illuminati. He also says that DJ Khaled and Rick Ross are also gay.

At the time, Oddi was dismissed as mentally ill and he made several other wild allegations…like Jimmi Hendrix is alive and living in Cuba. He also says he received a huge payout from Diddy to stay quiet.

Diddy has denied all allegations against him and Oddi’s side of the alleged story has not been verified.

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