Former Ex-Donda Academy Teacher Warns Parents

Iyanna Muhammad |

A former teacher of Kanye West’s Donda Academy is warning parents that their children may not be able to transfer to another school…and if they do, they may be placed in a lower grade.

Cecilia Hailey is one of the teachers suing Ye for wrongful termination.

“The kids are being suppressed because of all the constant changes that go on at the school. We have something in place that’s kind of called ‘educate’ that we haven’t even been keeping up with. But since I’ve been there, there have been no report cards given to the students or progress reports. So because Donda’s not accredited, you really can’t get any documents from the school to show where you’ve been,” she told TMZ.

“We can tell you on things that we graded. But for it to be legitimately documented with the Department of Education, they don’t have that. And so what happens is when kids do leave to go to another public or private school, they are then tested. And if they’re gonna test them—if they come in at third grade level or fourth grade level and they’re in the sixth grade—they’re going to go in the third grade. Or they’re going to be considered getting IDP or learning disabled because they’re behind. But it won’t be the child’s fault that they’re behind, it is Donda’s fault.”

Kanye West has not responded to the teacher’s claims.

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