Former Bodyguard Recalls Fight Between Diddy & Cassie…

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Former bodyguard for Diddy and Cassie, Roger Bond, revealed another time things got physical between them while he was working for the couple.

On this occasion, the fight happened in the back of a Cadillac.

“Her and Puff was fightin’ and I broke it up again. I put Puff in the front seat and I put Cassie in the back seat. He was just sitting there and I was like, ‘Yo, y’all can’t be actin’ up like this, man,’ and then Cassie had punched him in the face rightfully,” Bond told VladTV.

Bond says he was happy to see Cassie fight back.

“She punched him in the face and I had the window open. People started pulling up, ‘Oh, sh-t, that’s Diddy and Cassie in there fighting,’ and I’m trying to roll the window up at the same time. In my mind, I was happy because I actually seen her fight back.”

In the interview, he also revealed another time where Diddy punched Cassie in the face. He says after the punch, Cassie looked “embarrassed” like a “little kid.” He said that Diddy gave him a look that told him not to say anything about it.

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