Former Bodyguard: Jay Z Is Super JEALOUS & CONTROLLING … Yelled At Bey For Interaction w/ Man!

Lyndon Abioye |

OH BOY …. here comes some more rumors about Jay Z and Beyonce’s relationship. According to a former bodyguard, Jay Z has exhibited extreme jealousy and controlling behavior towards his wife, the gorgeous QUEEN Beyonce.

Media Take Out learned that a popular TikToker is spilling tea about an alleged incident that occurred inside of Jay Z’s 40/40 nightclub a few years ago.

The TikToker claim that Jay Z and Beyonce were in the club together, and a fight broke out when Jay Z wasn’t close to his wife. Beyonce’s security guard reportedly lifted her up, and pulled her away from the mayhem.

The Tiktoker claims that Jay Z was fired up with Beyonce for allowing herself to be lifted up by her security. He claim that Jay was heard “yelling” at Beyonce inside a back room.

After the incident, the apparently jealous Jay Z had Beyonce’s security guard fired.

What do you think – did Jay overreact?


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