Former ’BLACKED’ Adult Film Star Flash Brown … Comes Out As A Trans-Lady!!

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One of the most popular adult film stars Flash Brown – who gained fame after starring in the popular Blacked series, has come out as a trans lady, Media Take Out has learned.

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Flash, whop is 6 foot 5 inches tall changed his profile photo on social media from a photo of him looking like a man, to this. And it has fans of the film star a bit flabbergasted.

Flash, 42, is an actor, model, and former professional basketball player. In 2010, he received the Urban X Award for Best Male Newcomer.

Flash was working as a model when a photographer suggested he do adult films. Prior to working in the industry, he was nicknamed “Flash” in college for his speed as a basketball player. “Brown” is a shortened version of his real last name.

He entered theindustry in November 2009.n April 2011, he partnered with Shinefish Films and launched his own pornographic film studio, Flash Brown Productions. In February 2015, he signed an exclusive performing contract with Blacked.

Flash unfortunately had a few run ins with the law. According to online reports, seen by Media Take Out, he has been arrested on charges of domestic violence, human trafficking, and assault with a deadly weapon. He was released from prison on October 26, 2020 and ordered to serve 5 years of probation

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