Foolio Defends Dissing JayDaYoungan After His Killing

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Foolio is defending dissing JayDaYoungan, who was killed in a shootout this week.

After JayDaYoungan passed, Foolio joked about his death on social media and alleged the opps robbed the rapper for his chain.

“Dude use to diss me jus to be cool wit da ops even got them boys tatted now look,” Foolio wrote alongside a laughing emoji.

People called him out on social media…but Foolio says he has good reason for dissing Jay.

“You from out of town, right? You see what we got going on so just ’cause you rockin’ with a rapper, you rockin’ with a n-ggaa that don’t f-ck with me, you act like you my opp now,” he said,

“Now you dissing me in songs, saying F my dead homeboys, this and that. How I’mma feel? I’m supposed to sit back, be quiet. Don’t say nothin’? If it was me, on the other end, n-gga would’ve done the same thing.”

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