Floyd Mayweather REFUSES To Talk Badly About Diddy

Lyndon Abioye |

Floyd Mayweather says he will not be speaking poorly about Diddy publicly despite the allegations against him.

“I’m not going to speak bad about P. Diddy ’cause he still a Black man. Mistakes happen. I can’t say if it is or it’s not a mistake. Things happen in life, and P. Diddy business is P. Diddy business. It’s not my job or anyone else’s job to go on the internet and stomp him and kick a man while he’s down,” he said.

Floyd was charged with domestic violence in 2002 and received a suspended sentence. In 2004, the boxer was convicted of two counts of misdemeanor battery stemming from a fight with two women inside a Las Vegas club, also receiving a suspended sentence. Six years later he was found guilty of battery and served two months in jail for an incident with his late girlfriend, Josie Harris.

“My take on it is, it’s not my business,” Floyd added. “I don’t think it’s right at all. I don’t condone it. Even if that happened to my daughter. I would be hurt but that’s a choice that my daughter made.”

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