Florida Rapper Ace NH KILLS Girlfriend … Just Days After Being ACQUITTED For A Double Homicide!

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Billy Bennett Adams III, a 25 year old rapper who goes by the name Ace NH, was arrested in Tampa, Florida on charges of killing his pregnant girlfriend, Media Take Out has learned.

Ace NH is now facing charges of first-degree murder and the killing of an unborn child.

But this isn’t Ace NH’s first murder charge. Media Take Out confirm that the rapper was recently acquitted of a double murder in Hillsborough County that took place in 2020.

Jurors found Ace NH not guilty just a few weeks ago, after he went on trial for killing two men in a recording studio. Ace NH took the stand and told the jury that it was “self-defense.” That shooting was believed to be gang-related and the rapper self-identified as being part of the “Crips” gang.

Shortly after he walked out of court a free man, Media Take Out learned that police are saying he killed his 5 months pregnant girlfriend.

According to police reports, Ace NH gunned down his pregnant girlfriend, Alana Sims, 22, in front of her car while her 18-month-year-old slept inside it on January 30. He then fled the scene and left her and the baby to bleed out on the street.

Later that evening, Alana was found by a witness, thinking she was intoxicated lying on the ground. Another witness, who later alerted investigators, found Alana in a pool of blood with upper body trauma.

Court documents, examined by Media Take Out, allege that Alana, who was five months pregnant, was one of two women Ace NH was dating, and she was getting in the way of his other relationship — so he killed her. Law enforcement said that Ace NH lured Alana into the New Tampa neighborhood of Easton Park, telling her they were heading to a party to celebrate his acquittal of a double murder charge only 13 days earlier.

In a statement following Ace NH’ arrest, State Attorney Susan S. Lopez said: “What this defendant did is unimaginable. Our thoughts and support are with the family members of these crime victims.

“While we respect the verdict of the jury in the prior case, we disagreed with it and that is why we prosecuted him. We will continue to work with TPD to prosecute him for these latest crimes.”

“Mere days after he was acquitted of a separate crime, our homicide suspect did the unthinkable when he killed an innocent woman and her unborn child,” said Interim Chief Lee Bercaw. “I hope this arrest brings some closure to the victim’s family who is mourning the loss of two loved ones. We are working with the State Attorney’s Office to ensure the suspect is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

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