Flavor Flav’s Baby Mama Claims He’s Owes Child Support & Is Hiding His Income!!

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Flavor Flav’s baby mama says that reports made last week painting Flavor Flav as a great dad who is present in his 3-year-old son’s life, were not correct.

Kate Gammell says Flav is also hiding his income to avoid paying child support.

“We decided to settle outside of court because Flav said he was going to be there for Jordan, seeing him once a week, pay $3,000 a month and pay his medical,” she told HHDX. “I trusted him. He also has only seen Jordan six times since he was born in 2019.”

Flav’s former manager added, “The terms of the agreement we came up with is that Flav’s child support is based upon his income, but he has not provided the required documentation to determine that. He does gigs and doesn’t give me the contracts. He is hiding his income.”

The rapper owes $78,000 in child support and has blocked her on Instagram so she can’t see when he posts about gigs, allegedly.

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