Flavor Flav CLARIFIES ‘Crackhead’ Story

Tiffany Brockworth |

Flavor Flav has clarified a story that his iconic watch chain was inspired by a crackhead.

“Whoever wrote this headline is a complete AHOLE !!!” he captioned the post. “If you read the story,, I never said the crackhead inspired the clock,, I said::: MY BOY BAZERK PUT THE CLOCK AROUND MY NECK AS A JOKE,!! That’s where the inspiration came from, NOT THE CRACKHEAD you knucklehead writer. GET IT RIGHT,!!”

During his interview with Roxanne Shanté on her new SiriusXM show, Flav told the backstory of his necklace, where he seemingly credited a “crackhead” on the street for bringing him the clocks. He’s now saying it’s “fake news.”

“So one day, as a joke, as a joke, you know, this crackhead came through my projects, you know what I’m saying? Selling these shower clocks that she stole from a place called Fortunoff. Well, she went to Fortunoff, stole this big bag, big box of shower clocks came through our projects selling them,” Flave said at the time.

“So my boy, Son of Berserk, you know what I’m saying? He took the stopwatch off my neck and put the clock around my neck and everybody was laughing. It was a big joke and all of that,” he continued. “So they dared me to wear that clock on stage, but during the show.”

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