Fivio Foreign’s Baby Mama Accuses Him Of Being A DEADBEAT!!

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Fivio Foreign’s baby mama says he may be a successful rapper but he’s a deadbeat dad.

Jasmine claimed on Live that the rapper promised to give her $80k but did not follow through.

“He came back like nothing– normal,” she said before claiming she asked “How you leave on tour and don’t leave your family a dollar? What type of sh-t is that?”

Jasmine shot down the rapper’s image that he’s a family man. “This man always walks in the house and walks past his kids. He don’t pay his kids no f-cking mind. He never has,” she added.

She made several other shocking claims about the rapper, but Fivio responded to the Shaderoom with a level response.

“Out of respect for the mother of my children, I am going to handle this issue privately. Never have I ever been accused of not taking care of my children and my responsibilities. As an artist, I travel for work to take care of my family. I love my kids and their mother and it’s unfortunate that she’s made her frustrations with a relationship that I have with Mellow, public,” he said.

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