Fivio Foreign Offers YK Osiris Advice Following Sukihana Backlash!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Fivio Foreign offered some words of advice to YK Osiris after he was slammed as a sexual predator for sexually harassing rapper Sukihana.

“Just as a Black man in America and how our Black women are portrayed, you always got to be delicate. You got to be able to overread. Now, I don’t want to put another Black man down, but I feel for her and I got daughters. So you just got to read the room,” he told Hollywood Unlocked.

Osiris apologized after the video of him forcing kisses on Sukihana went viral.

After deactivating her Twitter, Sukihana returned to social media, claiming she had accepted his apology.

“I apologize to my family and my supporters. I keep letting y’all down. I just want to be a better person and focus on my purpose, and that’s music. I love y’all so much fr,” he wrote on Instagram. “I lost everything. My mind, my family, my love for music, I just need help fr.”

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