Fivio Foreign DENIES Being Roofied In Paris Nightclub!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Rapper Fivio Foreign has denied being roofied at a nightclub in Paris over the weekend.

TMZ reported Fivio had been involved in an altercation at L’Arc because Fivio allegedly discovered that his drink had been spiked.

He says it’s a lie.

“Wat kinda lies these people putting out. How can you lace me imma drug baby.”

Addressing TMZ, he wrote: “I really fuccs with y’all & having fake news is not really yah style so idk who told y’all this stuff but y’all gotta come talk to me please.”

Here’s what TMZ reported at the time:

Fivio Foreign was involved in a crazy confrontation Saturday, claiming someone in the club roofied him … TMZ has learned.

The rapper was performing at the Paris nightclub, L’Arc, for Paris Fashion Week. The rapper’s reps were not specific as to the nature of the altercation, but it was serious enough that cops had a talk with him.

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