Fivio Foreign Claims He’s Just ‘friends’ w/ Asian Doll

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After being called out on Instagram Live by his girlfriend Jasmine, Fivio Foreign says things between him and Asian Doll are strictly platonic.

“A n-gga can’t dance w. His friend.. this world demonic smh,” he tweeted in response.

Jasmine became angered after someone sent her a video of Asian Doll twerking up on him. She then hopped on Live and confronted him.

“Home, here. But posted up with Asian Doll. You real cute,” she yelled. “This is ain’t no exposure sh-t. We together, but he’s been hiding that we are together. For the bitches that didn’t know. Asian Doll, we’re together. I don’t know why you posted up with Asian Doll like you with Asian Doll.”

“You moving around acting like you single and you not,” she added. “That’s your problem, you not single. And they was doing that today. You not single. He’s home, here, everyday. Yea, he’s sick now. ‘Cause when niggas get caught up they sick all of a sudden.”

Did Fivio Foreign cross the line with Asian Doll?

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