Fivio Foreign Blames Terrible Barclays Center Performance On The Production Crew

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Rapper Fivio Foreign was roasted online over his recent performance during the halftime show of the Brooklyn Nets and New Orleans Pelicans last week.

The rapper says he wants a do-over and that it was the production team’s fault the performance was terrible, and not his.

“That’s not really my production team,” he told TMZ. “That was a different team I don’t really use all the time. I did the soundcheck, sh-t was good at soundcheck. I just gotta use my production team from now on.” He added, “I f-ck with them, I f-ck with the Barclays and I f-ck with the Nets,” Fivio said. “I wouldn’t want to let Brooklyn down. I don’t want to let the town down. I’m going to have to redo that sh-t, word.”

Fivio compared last week’s performance to the time he had technical difficulties during his live show with Kanye West.

“Same type of sh=t happened. The sh-t was like off so I wasn’t really tripping. The sound was just off. I was hearing it at one time and it was coming out at another time.”

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