Finesse2Tymes SLAMS ‘Broke’ Promoters

Lyndon Abioye |

Rapper Finesse2Tymes called out promoters who do not have his payment ready to go when booking him for shows.

“They say don’t come to my shows. But here’s a prime example on why I move the way I do. I get here to Clarksville, TN, and these folks ain’t even got my backend. I’m more mad that [I] couldn’t give the people what they want. So sorry for the inconvenience Clarksville, TN, the promoters was broke as hell!” the rapper wrote on Instagram Story.

The rapper’s rant comes after Finesse2Tymes reportedly used a double to perform at one of his recent shows, not bothering to show up himself.

“I let my opening act come on stage. That n-ggaa was drunk and full of that Fentanyl and damn-near died. I’m gone. Huntsville, I showed up tonight and due to unforeseen circumstances I wasn’t able to perform. But I got y’all @bodeanjohnson @awardboomin on the next show in Huntsville and surrounding areas,” he wrote in response to the backlash.

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