Finesse2Tymes Says He’s A One Woman Man

Tiffany Brockworth |

Finesse2Tymes says he’s had enough of the polyamorous lifestyle and is now sticking to one woman.

“I’m focusing on @fng_shugga only,” he wrote on Instagram Stories. “I don’t need 2-3 women no more, i got kids, That shyt ain’t what’s up, and nah this ain’t about no babymama shyt, All my bm”s know I take care mine, here or not. [100 emoji, dua emoji]”

In May, the rapper who once dated “Bussit” rapper Erica Banks, announced he was in a polygamous relationship and is currently dating three women.

“I got a situation. You know, I’m in a polygamy, like, I gotta have more than one woman,” the rapper told Angela Yee.

The rapper says at first, he did not approach the women the right way.

“I ain’t gone lie, one of ’em, well, two of them, I did it wrong. I kinda just threw it on ’em. Like, ‘This is what it is. I accept what come with you, you gonna accept what come with me.’”

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