Finesse2Tymes Responds To Wack 100 Exposing His Mom…

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Finesse2Tymes has clapped back at Wack 100 after the hip-hop manager posted the rapper’s mother’s mugshot and money laundering charges on Instagram.

Wack also tagged J Prince in the post, telling him to drop Finesse whi he accuses of being a “rat.”

“Hey Wack 100. I done been to Cali two–three times outside. You can’t even go to your own hood, bruh. None of the rap n-ggas, none of the street n-ggas. I done been to your hood. You can’t even go to your own hood. Don’t none of your homies even respect you,” Finesse says in response.

“It’s known that you move with the Feds, bruh. It’s known that you got the Feds securing No Jumper when you there. It’s known that you got the Feds securing every spot that you there. You win on the internet, but every time I’m in Chicago, where you popping out at? Why you ain’t at no Rolling Loud? Why you ain’t at no functions? Why you ain’t nowhere but behind the microphone? ‘Cause you a b-tch! And that’s that on that. You can say whatever you want to say about me, you can talk all the sh-t you want, you can do whatever you want for your views, but guess what? I can go to Chicago. I can go to The Land and get real love from the ministers. You can’t do that, homie. Your whole hood don’t respect you. You can say whatever you wanna say, but we two different people. You an old hoe. That’s all you is.”

Finesse says he will no longer be addressing any beef and accused Wack of “playing” the blogs to get traction.

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