Finesse2Tymes Issues Warning Over BBL Rumors

Lyndon Abioye |

Rapper Finesse2Tymes has issued a stern warning to anybody who brings up the rumors that he has had a BBL.

The rumors were started by his ex-girlfriend, BBJay and have not went away.

“I ain’t responding about nothing about no BBL. This on my life. If a n-gga see me in traffic and play with me on any type of BBL…and guess what, you can look at me and laugh too hard [and] I’ll smack the shit out you in public. I’m 31-years-old man. F-ck wrong wit y’all? I’m having money, motion, kids. I ain’t got no time to be sitting on no f-ckin phone trying to explain to y’all all muthaf-ckin’ day,” said the rapper.

The rapper says he’s in tune with his feminine side but not that much…breaking down the acceptable percentage.

He continued: “Ma, I ain’t that in tune with my feminine side. See this what n-ggas be getting mixed understood, right? So you don’t supposed to be 100% masculine. You supposed to have some type of feminine in you, you know what I’m saying? If you got daughters or if you a ladies man. If you a ladies man, you gotta be in tune with your feminine side a little bit. But these n-ggas be too in tune with they feminine side. You supposed to be like 85% masculine, the other 15 feminine or something man. You n-ggas be half man, half feminine. You n-ggas’ll go kill a n-gga and then lay up and talk to your bitch about everything you just did.”

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