Finesse2Tymes Doubles Down On Double Features

Lyndon Abioye |

Finesse2Tymes has spoken out after he was called out for giving two rappers the same verse for their songs.

Finesse gave TG a verse for his track “Can’t Pay for It” and also gave the same verse to Fastmoney Ant for his track “All I Want.”

On the tracks, Finesse raps:

“Fitted cap to the left, .223 on my lap on the way to the track/ Advil bottle full of Percocet and a backpack full of pack/ Backwood hanging, Hi-Tec drankin’/ Big playa, I’m up in the ranking. Me and pops just reunited and we both fresh out the penitentiary.”

TG put him on blast last week but Finesse2Tymes says it’s all business.

“You can’t get mad if I wanna sell my product to somebody else that you ain’t paid for. If you ain’t paid for it and he paid for it…he paid to get it cleared…I can do what I wanna do with my verse. How you gon’ tell me what I can and can’t do with my verse? When you go buy a verse, every rapper, every independent rapper, every up and coming rapper…you know I f-ck wit y’all. Everybody that know me know I f-ck with them. I work with budgets and everything. I might want 50-60 [thousand] for a verse. You from the streets, I might tell you give me 30.”

He continued: “You know I f-ck with real street n-ggas. But this also a business, right? This a business so if you gon’ come get you a verse and a video, you gotta make sure you take care of the business side too. You can’t just do the verse and the video and think, ‘I’ma put it out!’ That ain’t how it go. You gotta pay for the clearance too. You can’t just put the video and the song out.

Finesse2Tymes added that if rappers haven’t paid for the song to be cleared, the song should not even be released.

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