Finesse2Tymes Denies Snitching Allegations!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Finesse2Tymes has responded to snitching allegations made by 1090 Jake.

1090 Jake paperwork said he received the paperwork from the brother of Finesse2Tymes’ alleged snitching victim. The paperwork appears to show that the rapper snitched on somebody back in high school.

“That sh-t that I seen…they said it was from 2008. Y’all didn’t do y’all homework. You n-ggas ain’t smart enough. You know why? See, you n-ggas ain’t smart enough. You can’t get no paperwork from when a n-gga was a juvenile,” he said.

“Do you know how many n-ggas told on me as a juvenile and I can’t go get paperwork to prove it? I can’t pay for it … If it’s true, go look it up! Go pay for it. Go read up on it and then get back at me.”

The rapper also took his his Instagram Story to clap back at his haters.

“They don’t got a story,” he wrote. “They gone make one.”

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