Female Rapper TNFW Nique Makes New Song … Encouraging Black Girls To Have ABORTIONS!!

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Female Rapper TNFW Nique is coming under fire today, after her new song dropped – and it appeared to encourage her fans, most of whom are young Black women – to have abortions.

Another rapper, GloRilla burst onto the scene this summer with her hot song FNF (F**k N***a Free) – which was a hit, and a song that many saw as one offering female empowerment.

TNFW Nique new song – a remix of GloRilla’s song FNF – is called Baby Daddy Free, and it offers a much more complicated message to the rapper’s young female fans.

Here are just a few of the lyrics.

F-R-E-E Baby daddy free

That means I ain’t got a n***a baby coming out of me

So I’m A-B-O-R-T-I-N-G

On the way to the clinic, I forgot the Plan B

Let’s GOOOO. B*tch I got murder on my mind

And there are more. Elsewhere in the song Nique rhymes.

I’m only 25, still got a couple years to go

I don’t need a baby sitter, cause this baby gotta go

It’s a shortage on the milk, and them diapers be expensive

Nique’s song is currently trending all across social media. While it was released in June – the song has more than 100,000 views in the last few hours, and if it continues building up steam, it could be a hit song in a few days.


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