Female Rapper Sexxy Redd CAUGHT LACKING … Rapper Leaks Video Of Her IN HIS BED!

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Another rapper got caught lacking by one of their clout chasing jump offs. But this time the rapper who was exposed is a female.

Media Take Out learned that the popping new hip hop star Sexxy Red spent the night at Atlanta rapper WuDeuce’s house last night. And the clout chasing hood dude video’d the beautiful rapper sleeping, and went on IG to brag how he “put it down” in the bed just moments earlier.

Men these days are … different.

In the video, the clout chasing rapper showed video of Sexxy Red sleeping, after the two reportedly had a romantic tussle.

The man told his followers while smoking weed, “I put sh** down, ya heard me. On West Side.”

So far Sexxy Redd has not responded to the video

But the two have been seeing each other pretty heavily. Last week Sexyy Red took to social media to share a sweet new photo of her laying in bed with a then-unidentified man. The two of them were spotted laying in bed together, and only the man’s ankle monitor-clad foot could be seen. “I like fckin wit drillaz… dread head killaz,” she captioned the post alongside a heart emoji.

The tats on the leg confirm that this was WuDeuce.

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