Female Rapper Ice Spice Reacts To Internet Rumors … That She Has ‘Mild’ Down Syndrome!

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Female rapper Ice Spice is battling a very disgusting rumor about her – that’s spreading like wildfire across social media, Media Take Out has learned.

Some pretty disgusting trolls are saying that Ice Spice suffers from a mild version of Down Syndrome.

Down Syndrome is a condition in which a person has an extra chromosome or an extra piece of a chromosome. This extra copy changes how a baby’s body and brain develop. It can cause both mental and physical challenges during their lifetime.

Down Syndrome causes pretty serious and obvious developmental issues. But it’s milder form, Mosaic Down’s Syndrome – which fans are suggesting that Ice Spice has – is far less obvious.

People with Mosaic Down syndrome have a mixture of cells. Some have two copies of chromosome 21, and some have three. Mosaic Down syndrome occurs in about 2 percent of all Down Syndrome cases. People with mosaic Down Syndrome often, but not always, have fewer symptoms of Down Syndrome because some cells are normal.

Media Take Out has found ZERO evidence that Ice Spice is inflicted with this disorder – but that hasn’t stopped Twitter from going crazy with the rumor.

Yesterday Ice Spice commented on it.

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