Fat Trel Details Master P Fallout

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Fat Trel detailed his fallout with Master P and says it was all over a call to star in Menace II Society.

After getting the call, Trel says he talked with Master P who agreed for Trel to move him out there and help him with his acting career…but all Master P did was have him record music in the studio for months and P allegedly made no moves toward helping him with his acting skills.

He said he was receiving no money for his music either.

“The last straw was that [my boy] Black and them showed me that one of those [Louie V Mob] albums was on iTunes. This was before Apple Music and Spotify and all that. Like, the album was for sale on iTunes,” he said adding that he flew to New York and did not return.”

He became angered when he watched a Master P Breakfast Club Interview.

“It was him and Alley Boy and they was like, ‘Yo where Fat Trel at?’ And Master P said something like, ‘Fat Trel, man, he didn’t have any patience. He didn’t believe in what I had going on and he was just trying to get a deal. Fat Trel just tryna sign a deal so he could get some money.’ I looked at that like that was a form of disrespect.”

Trel added, “I ain’t call his phone or nothing. I ain’t have no conversation with him or nothing because I been around P and I know what type of person he really is and if I respected him as a man, I would have felt some type of way about it. But being around him and knowing what type of n-gga he is, I just let it slide like f-ck that sh-t. It ain’t that serious and even though he lying – he lied to their faces – because there was never supposed to be a Louie V Mob. We was never supposed to record a single record together. That was not in the plans.”

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