Fat Joe Shoots Down Daz Dillinger’s 2pac Claims

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Fat Joe has responded to Daz Dillinger’s claims that 2Pac was not hot in the streets until he joined Death Row.

“People always saying that Snoop. Dr. Dre, us, everybody…we was jealous of 2Pac. How can we be jealous of 2Pac and we made 2Pac? We put that album [All Eyez OnMe] together. We came over there, we gave him music. We did that. We wanted him to be the man of the man, so how was we jealous putting his album together? Taking songs from us and giving it to him — how is that jealousy?” said Daz.

According to Fat Joe, Pac was already blowing up after the 1991 movie, Juice.

“You know when Death Row grabbed 2Pac, he was already the most popular guy. He was a super, duper, duper star. And one night, the night I was there, when you hear the record [where] Biggie and 2Pac [raps the song], I’m standing right next to them. I’m on stage with them. We was at Big Daddy Kane‘s show at Madison Square Garden,” he said.

He continued: “The point I’m tryna make prior to that is when 2Pac walks into the arena, the crowd is going crazy. This is right after Juice. There’s no way 2Pac wasn’t lit before he went to Death Row. He was super, the most talked about guy in the world.”

While Fat Joe disagrees with Daz, he added that he does not believe Daz was jealous of the late rapper.

Pac already has one gold, one platinum and one double platinum album before joining Deathrow. He has also starred alongside Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice and with Duane Martin, Bernie Mac and Marlon Wayans in Above the Rim.

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