Fat Joe Says Ja Morant WANTS To Be Kicked Out Of The NBA!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Fat Joe says he thinks that Ja Morant is trying to get kicked out of the NBA.

Morant was suspended for the second time this year after flashing guns on social media.

“That man is trying hard to go play for Turkey or China or Serbia [and] Montenegro. He’s trying hard to get kicked out the NBA. Those guys that’s with you, they not your people, Ja. They don’t care. This is a problem we have with our community. Becoming famous. Becoming celebrities. Because the people that’s around you, they like the girls watching. They love the lifestyle. But they not you,” says Joe.

Morant has been suspended but the suspension does not have an end date.

“They didn’t dribble the basketball in the snow on Christmas trying to figure out the Kobe moves or the Jordan moves,” he said. “They didn’t put in the work like you. And guess what? If you get thrown out of the NBA, these are the same guys that are going to say, ‘Yo, he wasn’t sh-t anyway. It is what it is.’ Ja, these are not your people. Anybody telling you, or pointing you in the direction of ignorance is not with you.”

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