Fans React To ‘RHOBH’ Star Erika Jayne’s Outburst About Plane Crash Victims

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During this week’s episode of RHOBH, fans were left shocked after Erika Jayne went on a disrespectful rant about the plane crash victims who were defrauded by her estranged husband, Tom Girardi.

Garcelle Beauvais and Crystal Minkoff brought up a report that Erika Jayne refused to give up a pair of $750,000 earrings that would help to make the victims whole.

“There is a place to make people whole and it is in a court of law,” Erika yelled at Crystal. “Not in the court of public opinion. You’re not letting the legal process play out.”

When Crystal told Erika that it was about showing empathy, she responded: “The law matters and if you don’t understand that, you’re an amateur, and get the f-ck out. Just because someone alleges that you did sh-t, you’re going to throw your hands up and say, ‘I did! Oh my God, I feel so bad! People are thinking I’m terrible!’ Hold on a f-cking minute. That’s one side of the story. Let’s tell the other f-cking side.”

Erika was intoxicated at the time.

“I don’t give a f-ck about anybody else but me!” Erika told the ladies.

Twitter was appalled.

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