Fans Petition To Ban Nicki Minaj From Social Media

Lyndon Abioye |

Some social media users are tired of Nicki Minaj’s rants online, and a petition has started to ban her from social media.

The petition titled, “Remove Nicki Minaj from All Social Media Platforms for Promoting Toxicity,” was started by somebody identifying themselves as Queenn Simmons.

“We have been silent witnesses to the harmful effects of Nicki Minaj’s actions on women, especially those in the music industry. Her lack of respect and value for women’s rights is evident in her constant harassment, belittlement, and attacks on fellow artists and social media users,” the petition reads.

“Nicki has repeatedly justified rape and abuse, creating a hostile environment that discourages upcoming female artists from expressing themselves freely,” the petition continues. “She has even gone as far as harassing her husband’s rape victim, speaking ill about the deceased, and blaming victims who dare to speak out against her cruel behavior.”

Nicki made several wilc claims about Megan Thee Stallion, alleging she slept with her stepfather after he mother passed away, that she lied on her deceased mother and that she lied about getting shoot.

Nicki released her “Bigfoot” diss track which despite having high streams has been panned on social media as the “weakest diss track of all time.”

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