Fans DRAG Offset After He Shows Off New Face Piercings!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Offset hopped on social media to show off his new piercings…but the fans aren’t feeling it.

Offset has gotten a diamond piercing under his eye and one in the cartilage of the opposite ear.

Fans reacted in the comments section.

“Being a grown man and wanting your face to sparkle is a new unlocked level is insane 😂😂😂” one viewer wrote.

“Bring back 90’s and early 2000’s men bring back fathers in households or men kids look up to this sassy era isn’t it 😒” another wrote.

Some fans defended the Migos rapper.

“Niggas can’t do nothing without these insecure botches and they UNWARRANTED opinions. Live yo boring life cuz he living tf outta his while you on that plastic covered couch,” a fan wrote.

Offset has been outside since his split from Cardi. He got into hot water after her enemy, Jade, was recently linked to Offset’s birthday party. Both Offset and Jade denied the allegation.

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